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Take Your Place In Journal

hospitalmanager began its publishing life at January 2008 in Ankara, Turkey, aiming to become a contemporary journal for the contemporary healthcare administrators and since then it is accepted as a reference media organ in the healthcare sector. Each issue of hospitalmanager addresses to a special subject and contains interviews, statistical data and researches from specialists(public and private sector), related ministries, bureaucrats, drug and medical equipment/device sectors and other key players from national and international platforms. Only the ads from leading organisations reach to our readers.

Three thousand issues of hospitalmanager are printed monthly and we make sure that they reach to officials from ministry of health, social security institution (SGK) bureaucracy and also to the boards of all major university, public and private hospitals, administrators, chiefs of medicine, heads of departments and other important players of the healthcare sector across Turkey.

Planned issues for 2018

  1. Anadolu’nun Başarılı Özel Hastaneleri
  2.  Türkiye’de Sağlık Yönetimi Eğitimi
  3. Türkiye’de Vakıf Hastaneleri
  4. Türkiye’nin En Başarılı Hastane Hizmeti Tedarikçileri
  5. Sağlık Turizminde En Başarılı Hastaneler
  6. Hastanelerde Çağrı Merkezi Hizmetleri
  7. Sağlıkta Pazarlama İletişimi
  8. Türkiye’de İlaç
  9. Şehir Hastaneleri: Hayal Gerçek Oluyor
  10. Top Ten Hospitals in Turkish Health Tourism

With these subjects, the main goal is giving coverage to leading organizations in healthcare and also to leading goods and services providers in the sector hence extending the understanding of excellence in business in the healthcare sector.

Yavuz Engiz

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